Boat Tours in Anguilla

Touring the pristine and mesmerizing waters with Anguilla’s Rum & Reel Boat Tours and Charters opens the door to endless possibilities.

Jumping off the charter and sinking your toes into the powdery whites of Sandy Island or journeying further to Prickly Pear Island where you can enjoy fresh lobster and seafood. We love Anguilla boat tours.

Anguilla’s Rum and Reel Charters’ specialty – The Little Bay cliff jump and paddle board tour.  After making the 25 ft plunge, feel free to take two of our handmade paddle boards out into the blue and explore a slice of heaven with the turtles and marine life.


An Exclusive Water Adventure

Which Anguilla Charter Option Below do you Prefer?

Little Bay Boat Charter & Tour

Our Little Bay tour offers stand up paddle boards, snorkeling gear, and the famous rock climb and jump! 

Anguilla Day/Sunset Boat Charter & Tours

We offer the most comprehensive & all inclusive Anguilla Sunset cruise and day cruise options.

Anguilla's Offshore Cay Island Tours & Charters

Take a trip to Scrub Island, Sandy Island, Dog Island or Prickly Pear Island.  We also customize to your needs for any tour options!

Offshore Cay Tour – Scrub Island Tour, Prickly Pear, Scilly Cay, Sandy Island, Dog Island, Sombrero Island 

You can escape into an amazing private bliss just 20 minutes to Anguilla’s eastern waters where we offer a luxury experience into the uninhabited Scrub Island.  Snorkel the caves with our crew, and enjoy a private BBQ with freshly caught fish and local produce on one of the best unknown beaches in the caribbean.

A light hiking walk into Scrub, we explore snorkelling caves, turtles, and a history past of a dirt runway and a Pablo Escobar crashed plane.  Feel free to etch your initals into the plane- an instagram sensation for selfies and promotion.

Our Sandy Island destination lunch in will definitely wow you.  A quick 10 min boat ride from Sandy Ground, or on the way back from seeing the Arch in the west, Sandy Island is truly a slice of heaven to be experienced. 


Half Day and Full Day Tours Available 

Tours to Scrub Island, Prickly Pear, Sandy Island and all surrounding Cays and Island in Anguilla

Cruise to a Nearby Island

Chartering to from Anguilla to Saint Marteen or St. Barths is a breeze with Striker – our 50 ft, luxury cruiser with plush custom handmade seating, a huge observation deck and Rum Punch.  Get sea sick? We can get you indoors and resting on custom Lacoste towels or watching some TV while we boat you to your destination in paradise.

Full Day Tours Available

Tours to St.Martin/St.Maarten, St.Barths, Saba

Scrub Island Tour

As one of the only licensed Anguilla charter tour companies to offer the Scrub Island experience, we can take you into a path untrodden.  Super private and secluded, we hike to exotic snorkel caves, where only few have seen. Hiking to the abdondon Pablo Escobar plane wreck and etching your initials into it is a must!  Join us on the most sought after tour Anguilla has to offer.

 Full Day Tours Available

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