Family Boating in Anguilla

Family Excursion Fun in Anguilla

The reefs around our excursion destinations provide an added feature to show off Anguilla’s beautiful underwater nature.  Let’s find Nemo, and make dreams come true!

We eat what we catch!  Live sea urchins provide a raw elegance to the experience of diving into the reefs and catching your own food! Some like it, some don’t, but the sheer exhilaration of the chase is what’s important for the family.


Boating Packages
$ 1399 Starting at
  • All inclusive pricing! No surprises!
  • All drinks including beer, soft drinks, juices and water included!
  • Slide set up!
  • Paddle boards included!
  • Custom Tours!
  • Snorkeling Gear included!
  • Cliff Jumping!
  • TV indoors just in case!
  • Noodles and water wings available!


Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have the best boating experience in Anguilla.  Whether you are on one of our best boat tours, fantastic fishing or you are partying in Anguilla on our boat, we want you to be well informed and have the best time.

Call 1-264-235-4511 or click here to WhatsApp 1-264-235-4511 or email us at for quick and accurate bookings.

Striker is one of Anguilla’s largest boat charter options.  During the winter months the weather and sea can be unforgiving.  Striker’s size and stability keeps you and the crew super safe during rough seas.  

Striker has ample seating inside and out, with a completely covered inside lounge with TV, music, drinks selection and rum punch.  

Downstairs boats a full size bathroom and additional lounge area. 

The bow observation deck allows for incredible views and an oversized reclining seat that can sit six.  Stand by the railing and take in the sea mist and sunsets while we make your dreams come true. 

The stern caters to the party goers, where perpetually amazing music plays surrounded by custom made Seadek matting for extra comfort.  

We offer all travel excusrions in Anguilla, boat parties, VIP, Corporate events, Live DJ’s, Fully catered, Executive Chefs, Simple Tours, & More!  

We accept cash, Mastercard/Visa and AMEX.  We also accept and encourage any major cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, XRP etc.  

What we set as the price is the price, you will always know what you are paying and for what. No hidden fees.