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The Legend of Wendy 3 Striker Continues on…


There are a lot of boat charters to choose from in Anguilla, and good ones too.  So let’s tell our story..maybe that will change your mind to hire Anguilla’s Rum and Reel Charters.  

Local entrepreneur, professional photographer, and videographer Rickiell Hodge saw an ad for a large boat crushed by Hurricane Irma two years back. The price was too good to be true, so he called up local Canadian Expat and business partner Chris Boundikas to go check it out.

Her name was the Wendy 3, or more locally known as ‘Striker’ to most yachtys in Saint Martin. At first glance, it needed a lot of lipstick and cosmetic welding to say the least, but the price was too good to pass up on.  Striker was bought and a new era began.  

After extensive renovations, Striker was brought to life in pure luxurious Anguillian fashion with no expense spared.  Custom-made two-tone seating, two-tone headliners, custom-cut Seadek flooring, an exquisite stereo system, a gigantic front lounger chair, and superyacht paint called AwlGrip was applied.  

Through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, Striker was reborn in a completely modern and upscale fashion.

Come navigate with us, let the history of Striker guide you to your perfect Caribbean tour, excursion, or party.  

Exquisitely tasteful and roomy, Anguilla’s Rum & Reel Charters have set the bar to a new standard.  Semi luxury creature comforts and custom designs all wrapped in AwlGrip paint, Striker is a true head turner.  At 50 ft, she gives a perfect blend of length and spaciousness while still delivering a sense of home and modernization, all while cruising at 20+ knots. 

Our AWESome crew

Anguilla’s Rum and Reel Charters hand picks the best crew members.  Experienced, loyal, and knowledgeable, your anguilla boating day with us will be remembered forever.

Brandon Bradshaw aka Dilon

1st Mate

Rickiell Hodge


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